Easy FancyBox – Pro

October 5, 2014
Easy FancyBox

This is version 1.5.2, released on October 5th 2014, of the extension for the Easy Fancybox plugin for WordPress which brings you advanced options and support:

  • One year Premium support and updates *
  • More “Open on page load” options: First image/youtube/pdf/etc. links
  • Background color, Opacity and Border radius for rounded corners
  • More Easing transition effects
  • More control over which image links should be auto-detected and/or grouped in a gallery
  • Hide/show title on mouse hover action
  • Slideshow: FancyBox gallery Auto-rotation with a 3, 6, 9 or 12 second interval

*) Please create a user account during checkout to get premium support on http://premium.status301.net/support/forum/easy-fancybox-pro/ and to download updates in the future.

Before ordering the Pro extension, please make sure you have the free Easy Fancybox plugin for WordPress and it is working correctly on your WordPress site. Choose the appropriate license (single or multiple domains) checkout and download the plugin installation package (ZIP) file.

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What you get

1. All the settings that are inactive in the regular plugin, will become active as soon as the Pro extension plugin is activated.

2. Pro support on http://premium.status301.net/support/forum/easy-fancybox-pro/.

Steps to take

Please follow these steps to assure your satisfaction with your purchase:

  1. First, install the free Easy FancyBox plugin, activate and configure it on your Settings > Media admin page. If you are sure the free plugin works well on your site, then come back here to continue with step 2. If it does not work well, please ask for help on the Easy FancyBox plugin support page.
  2. Purchase the Pro extension by hitting the Add to Cart button. Make sure you either log in or create a user account during checkout. It will serve to get premium support on http://premium.status301.net/support/forum/easy-fancybox-pro/ and re-download in the future. After checkout, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with download instructions.
  3. Download the zip file and use your WordPress plugin installation page (Plugins > Add new > Upload) to install the plugin.
  4. Activate your new plugin Easy FancyBpx – Pro extension.
  5. Go back to the Settings > Media admin page and find your new options!

If your payment did not get processed immediately due to some transaction delay, then you’ll have to wait for the e-mail with download information. This usually will not take longer than an hour. If you did not get the e-mail within the day of purchase, please confirm the transaction in your PayPal account or at your credit card company or bank. Then contact us with your payment details so we can verify your purchase in our system.

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